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The aluminum -plastic composite board market is mixed with fish and dragons, fake and shoddy; well -known products of prestigious companies have become the target of imitation and extension; the price difference between market formal products and counterfeit and shoddy products is nearly 10 times; industrial development resistance is heavy and facing a huge impact. According to relevant experts, when the Ministry of Construction formulated the technical specifications of the curtain wall, there was one of the buildings with an aluminum -plastic plate with caution. A product that has been used abroad for half a century has been "used with caution" in less than 10 years in China.

It is considered to be a curtain wall material for high -quality products abroad, but in China, it has become a short -lived material. The competition for malignant price is seriously threatening China's aluminum -plastic composite board.

The aluminum -plastic composite board was successfully developed by Germany in the 1960s. It has developed rapidly and has been widely used in foreign countries. It is known as the new generation of curtain wall materials.

Because it has both the characteristics of high temperature resistance, weather resistance, friction resistance, but also rich in color, easy construction, light body, easy maintenance, etc., it has become a substitute for natural stone, wood, glass curtain wall, tiles, cement and other traditional building materials. Materials are darlings widely used by indoor and outdoor decoration. The production of aluminum -plastic composite boards in my country began in the 1990s, and has developed rapidly. In just a few years, aluminum -plastic composite board has become the third largest curtain wall decoration material in my country after stone and glass. At present, my country has become the country with the largest use and export volume in the world, with an annual output of 200 million square meters and an output value of nearly 20 billion yuan.

The standard aluminum -plastic composite board can be divided into inner hanging panels and outer wall plates. The inner hanging plate consists of two layers of 0.21 mm aluminum plates and PVC materials; 0.5mm aluminum plates and 3 mm PVC materials. The surface of the standard composite board should be used to use fluorocarbon paint that can anti -aging for 20 years. The adhesive material should be used with polymer bonding materials (about 30,000 yuan per ton).

However, according to the survey, many finished aluminum -plastic composite plates currently traded in the market have the thickness of the aluminum plate only 0.05 mm, and the thickness of aluminum foil cannot be said; plastic for the core materials of the composite board, even waste shoes such as slippers. The paint uses ordinary polycatic paint. The bonding is to resist inferior glue.

Such aluminum -plastic composite boards can't see anything from the beginning, but after a few months, they will be inferior and unrecognizable. The reasonable price of aluminum -plastic boards made by national standards should be around 130 yuan to 200 yuan per square meter, but in the market, the lowest price of inferior aluminum -plastic composite plates has been sold to 16 yuan per square meter. This is undoubtedly an extremely abnormal phenomenon.

The current status of the aluminum -plastic composite market is mixed with fish and dragons and fake and shoddy. For example, in the bidding of a project, 10 bidding units provided 7 product testing reports. As a result, six were fake, and 1 was expired. There was no product test report that was qualified. Another example is the construction of the Jiangxi Airport construction project that the exterior wall plate has not yet been completed, and the surface paint of the interior wall hanging panel has begun to fall off.

On the surface, these examples reflect the problem of counterfeiting and shoddy, but in -depth analysis is a market problem. The fundamental reason is the result of market supply and demand disorder, disorderly competition in enterprises, especially the vicious price competition between enterprises. If the contest between regular aluminum -plastic board manufacturers and counterfeit enterprises only set off a wave in the market, the fire of many fake and fake companies in the market has stirred up the market and accelerated the decline of the entire industry.

It is understood that some of the brand products of well -known enterprises in aluminum -plastic composite boards have not been discovered by manufacturers in the country. It is the interests of these enterprises, fighting and fighting, fighting for the market, making fakes and sale, and even in a situation where it is difficult to extricate, and cut corners and materials, and they have become a life -saving "straw" for these companies to maintain survival and barely operate. These issues not only seriously disrupt the normal market operation order, but also make a rising rising industry facing the worries of extinguishing.

The problem of the aluminum plastic composite board has attracted the attention of relevant departments. To solve the problem fundamentally, we must start from the standardized market. We must establish and improve the qualified product market access mechanism as soon as possible, strictly implement the technical quality standards of aluminum -plastic composite board products; strengthen market supervision and management, and increase the law enforcement efforts of purifying the market. , Resolutely combat and ban the production and sales of fake inferior aluminum -plastic composite boards. Only in this way can the aluminum -plastic composite board industry rejuvenated and developed again.

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