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The stone processing industry has been a relatively traditional and simple mechanical processing enterprise for many years. The principle of mechanical equipment is simple, the precision of the equipment is not high, and the process flow is not much. It is a labor-intensive enterprise. However, with the development of the economy, the sudden emergence of the stone industry and the intensification of competition, some enterprises have opened up a new market field, no matter in terms of equipment, matching, market demand and product innovation, that is - stone thin plates and aluminum honeycomb panels. . 1. Sheets Stone sheets are divided into granite sheets and plastic sheets.

The granite sheet market has been developed for several years and has now matured, while the plastic sheet market has just sprouted in the national market. Although the world's plastic sheet market is better than the domestic market, it has not yet entered the growth stage. The production of plastic sheets in the country is distributed in small areas of several provinces. Due to resource constraints, only a few varieties in this area are processed, and the sales volume is also very limited.

Fujian is a distribution center for stone processing in the country. Hundreds of famous and high-quality plastics from all over the world are sold in large slabs and blocks here, providing a wealth of variety information for sheet metal manufacturers. So far, there are only 30 enterprises producing plastic sheets in Fujian, far less than those producing other varieties. Moreover, some enterprises are still in the stage of exploration and exploration in terms of equipment and technology in the production process, and they still need a The process of technological improvement and process improvement. Due to the influence of mechanical equipment, auxiliary materials, and stone properties (fragile and easy to break), plastic sheets can only produce thinner (8mm-12mm thick) small-size sheets, such as: 305x305mm, 400x400mm, 457x457mm, and more than 600x600mm. No company can produce in large quantities.

The scope of use of plastic sheet is mainly in areas or families with a small single room, and there is more demand in foreign markets. 2. Aluminum honeycomb panels Plastics are gradually favored by the decoration industry and customers because of their natural materials and ever-changing colors and textures. There are about thousands of plastic manufacturers in the country.

Occupying a small half of the stone market, it can be seen that its competition is very fierce. In such an environment where the market forces manufacturers to do everything possible to reduce costs, in addition to working hard on management, the mechanical equipment and processing technology are similar, so a new technology and new product in disguised thinking were born. Save cost from resources, from 1m2 to 3m2 or even 4m2.

Composite with other material plates, not only improves the performance characteristics of the plastic, but also does not lose the natural color and material of the plastic. This is a new product of plastic - plastic aluminum honeycomb panel. (1) Excellent performance of plastic aluminum honeycomb panel 1. Light weight: The thinnest plastic aluminum honeycomb panel can be only 5mm thick (composite with aluminum-plastic panel).

Commonly used composite tiles or granite are only about 12mm thick, which saves a lot of transportation costs, and it is the best choice when there is a load limit on the building. 2. Increased strength: After the plastic is combined with ceramic tiles, granite, aluminum-aluminum honeycomb panels, etc., its bending, bending, and shearing strengths are significantly improved, which greatly reduces the damage rate during transportation, installation, and use. 3. Improved anti-pollution ability: During the installation process or later use of ordinary plastic original boards (whole body boards), if cement is wet pasted, it is very likely that after half a year or a year, various discolorations and stains will appear on the plastic surface. Very difficult to remove.

The aluminum honeycomb panel avoids this situation because of its harder and denser bottom plate and a thin adhesive layer. 4. It is easier to control the color difference: because the plastic aluminum honeycomb panel is cut into 3 or 4 pieces from the 1m2 original board (whole body board), it becomes 3m2 or 4m2. The pattern and color of these 3 and 4m2 are almost 100% the same, so it is easier to ensure the consistency of color and pattern when used in large areas.

5. Easy installation: Due to the above characteristics, during the installation process, regardless of weight, fragility (strength, etc.) or color separation splicing, the installation efficiency and safety are greatly improved, and the installation cost is also reduced. 6. Breaking through the forbidden area: Plastic decorative parts, no matter the interior and exterior walls, floors, window sills, porches, table tops, etc., there is no problem with ordinary original boards (whole body boards), except that the ceiling is made of plastic or granite. Any decoration company It is impossible and impossible to take such a risk. The aluminum honeycomb panel bonded with plastic, aluminum-plastic panel and aluminum honeycomb breaks through the restricted area of ​​stone decoration.

Because it is very light, the weight is only 1/5 to 1/10 of the whole board. If you want to decorate the ceiling with stone, it must be it. 7. Sound insulation and moisture-proof: Aluminum honeycomb panels made of aluminum-aluminum honeycomb panels and plastics have sound insulation, moisture-proof, heat insulation, and cold-proof performances because of their hollow aluminum honeycomb cores made of equilateral hexagons.

Therefore, these characteristics go far beyond the performance characteristics that the whole body board does not have. 8. Cost reduction: Because the stone composite material is thinner and lighter, a part of the cost is saved in transportation and installation, and for more expensive stone varieties, the price of the finished aluminum honeycomb panel after being made into an aluminum honeycomb panel is higher than that of the original panel to varying degrees. low cost. 9. Cost reduction: Because the stone aluminum honeycomb panel is thinner and lighter, it saves part of the cost in transportation and installation, and for more expensive stone varieties, the finished aluminum honeycomb panel after being made into an aluminum honeycomb panel is different from the original panel to varying degrees. The price is low cost.

10. Saving resources and environmental protection: The plastic aluminum honeycomb panel is to cut the 1.75cm thick big stone original board into 3 pieces, so that the area of ​​such block can be made three times larger than the original board. Therefore, the mine resources are fully utilized, and the pollution caused in the production process is also reduced, which is very beneficial to environmental protection. (2) The production process of aluminum honeycomb panel The production process of ordinary plastic original board (whole body board) is relatively simple. If the processing is started with block material, the process is as follows: block material → sawing and cutting → patching glue → automatic polishing → Trim (finished product).

The production process of aluminum honeycomb panels is much more complicated, as follows: (such as starting to process blocks) as an example: block → see-saw large cut (circular saw large cut) → patch → edge trimming (primary product) → thickness determination → Drying→sticking board→slitting→thickness setting→drying→gluing board→slitting→thickness setting→surface glue brushing→drying→hand grinder (automatic grinding)→edge trimming→chamfering→drying→repair→ Product packaging). If the base plate purchased is not up to standard, the base plate needs to be reprocessed, usually trimming→thickness setting→drying. If you don't start with blocks, but directly purchase slabs from large slab factories.

Cutting the blocks in the early stage into boards is omitted, but another process is added (trimming is done in the large board factory) and surface beating (making the smooth surface into rough surface). In this technological process, there are many technical and quality requirements that are almost completely different from those of the slab production process and the standard requirements are higher, otherwise it is difficult to produce qualified products. (3) The use of aluminum honeycomb panels The performance characteristics of plastic aluminum honeycomb panels are quite different due to their different composite bottom plates.

According to different use requirements and use parts, aluminum honeycomb panels with different bottom plates will be used. 1. The scope of use of plastic, ceramic tile, granite, and calcium silicate boards for the bottom board: The plastic aluminum honeycomb board composited with these types of bottom boards is almost the same as the whole body board. If the building has special load-bearing restrictions, these types of aluminum honeycomb panels will be more useful, not only light in weight, but also greatly improved in strength.

2. The range of application of the aluminum-plastic panel for the floor Because of its ultra-thin and ultra-light performance, it is suitable for wall and ceiling decoration. Moreover, it needs to be pasted with glue during the construction process, and other stone materials are irreplaceable when decorating the ceiling. 3. The scope of use of the aluminum front panel for the bottom plate The special properties of the aluminum-aluminum honeycomb panel make it more suitable for the dry hanging of the external wall and the internal wall. It is generally used in large-scale and high-end buildings, such as airports and exhibition halls. , five-star hotels, etc.

At the same time, it can also be made into countertops, dining tables and kitchen cabinets, etc., and it can also be made into solitary and cylindrical aluminum honeycomb panels. Its excellent performance is favored in the selection of many dry-hanging wall materials. 4. Plastic aluminum for the bottom plate The scope of use of honeycomb panels is because of its weaker bending strength and higher compressive strength, and because of its ultra-light performance, it is generally used for wall decoration, which can be installed by dry hanging or pasted with special glue, which is more suitable For use on interior walls, ships and yachts. 5. The scope of use of the glass used for the bottom plate The performance of the natural plastic material, because some of it has very good light transmission, and the combination of these plastics and glass can achieve a light-transmitting decorative effect. Generally, dry-hanging and inlay methods are used for installation. Different colors of colored lights can also be installed inside, and with music, it will produce a dreamlike effect. In the future, it can also be used on coffee tables and desktops on furniture.

At the same time, it can be equipped with some luminous materials, and it can still flash brilliant luminous light when the lights are turned off. 6. Application range of composite wood boards for bottom boards There are many types of composite wood boards. Different wood boards are selected as the bottom boards, and their product performances are also different. They can be used for wall decoration and various furniture. (4) Unit price analysis of aluminum honeycomb panels The cost structure of aluminum honeycomb panels is much more complicated than that of whole-body panels.

Because it can be composited into 3m2 from 1m2, it can save more cost on the panel material, but the processing cost of the bottom plate material, glue and other processing procedures is higher than that of the whole body panel, so the unit price of the panel plastic plays the role of aluminum honeycomb. A key factor in board cost. In general, the floor is made of ceramic tiles, and the higher the price of the granite plastic whole body board, the greater the gap between the unit price of the aluminum honeycomb board made of it. The unit price of the plastic board is about 200-300 yuan/m2, and the unit price of the aluminum honeycomb board made of it is almost equal to that of the large board, but it is still cheaper than the unit price of the standard board.

However, the unit price of the plastic slab is lower than 200 yuan/m2, and the unit price of the aluminum honeycomb panel made is slightly higher than the unit price of the original plate, because no matter what the unit price of the plastic slab is, the cost of making the aluminum honeycomb panel is basically fixed, so it will The above situation where the unit price changes greatly. It is not that the unit price of different varieties of plastic aluminum honeycomb panels is fixed by a few percent lower than that of the whole body panels. If the bottom plate is made of high-grade materials, such as aluminum-plastic plate, aluminum-aluminum honeycomb plate, glass, glass fiber mesh (cloth), carbon-added plate and other materials.

One is that the unit price of its materials is higher; the other is that its processing technology is different from that of floor tiles and granite, which makes it more complicated and requires higher technical requirements, so the unit price of this type of aluminum honeycomb panel is almost higher than that of the whole body panel high. (5) Target market of aluminum honeycomb panels The technology of plastic aluminum honeycomb panels was born in Spain. China's earliest technology research and development was in 1997. With the further maturity of technology and equipment, the market is gradually sprouting.

The sales market of aluminum honeycomb panels is currently mainly concentrated in the international market. Foreign countries have higher awareness and acceptance of plastic aluminum honeycomb panels than domestic ones, so the current usage abroad is far greater than domestic ones. Mainly concentrated in several countries in Western Europe (such as: Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.), the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea.

Due to the different economic development levels, decoration styles, and construction standards of various countries, the types of aluminum honeycomb panels used are also different. Several countries in Western Europe like to use plastic sheets, plastic and plastic composites; the United States and Japan use aluminum-plastic panels and aluminum honeycomb aluminum honeycomb panels; South Korea mostly uses plastic aluminum honeycomb panels made of granite and ceramic tiles. South Korea has the largest demand for aluminum honeycomb panels among these countries.

Plastic sheets are widely used in the above countries. There are very few manufacturers in inland China. The promotion is not strong enough, so that many decoration designers or investors do not know or even heard of such products, so the awareness is very low, let alone recognition, so the current domestic sales volume is very small .

(6) Current status of national aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturers Since the advent of plastic aluminum honeycomb panels, it has gone through six or seven years. Because there is still a technology and process exploration in the early stage, the process of improvement and improvement is summarized. Although it has been six or seven years, and because of the technical blockade of such manufacturers, so far, the number of manufacturers producing plastic aluminum honeycomb panels is far lower than that of other stone manufacturers, almost insignificant.

1. The number of manufacturers of plastic aluminum honeycomb panels in the country: estimated to be about 100, the total installed capacity of host machines (slitting machines) is about 800, the theoretical annual output is about 5 million m2, and the actual annual output in 2005 is estimated to be about 2 million m2 . 2. Regional distribution: 15 in Hubei, 2 or 3 in Beijing, 3 or 4 in Shanghai, 4 or 5 in Shandong, 20 in Guangdong, and after rapid development in the past two years, Fujian has reached about 40. 3. Properties and characteristics: Although many manufacturers produce plastic aluminum honeycomb panels, the variety is very single.

For example, Hubei can only produce plastic and plastic aluminum honeycomb panels, and the panel types are also very single, mainly Shaanna beige, while many other manufacturers only produce a few composite types. This is mainly due to the limitations of regions, processes, and technologies. There are only a handful of manufacturers that can produce the above types of aluminum honeycomb panels.

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